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Who we are

At Anchor Point Collective LLC, we seek to provide comprehensive design services of a broad nature as well as offer general business advice and insight to growing entrepreneurs and business owners. As such, we only seek to collect information from our users/customers for the purpose of maintaining communication and a positive user experience. The ways we do so are explained below.


What personal data we collect and why we collect it


Contact forms

Should you decide to input your personal information such as your name and email address through the embedded contact form on our website or one of our mailing list sign-up forms, the information inputted will be saved in system accessible solely by Anchor Point Collective LLC for the purpose of contacting you with information you have requested and/or regular updates. This information may be stored in the systems of a third party contact service accessible solely by our staff, but we maintain that it shall never be sold, traded, distributed, or otherwise shared with any third parties in any case whatsoever without the explicit consent of the user.


For users of our website, anonymously stored cookies may be utilized to enhance the convenience of your experience. They may be utilized, for example, to prevent a mailing list pop-up form from appearing to you multiple times in one usage period. This process entails no access to your personal data, and is solely for the purpose of creating a better experience for the user.


What rights you have over your data

At Anchor Point Collective LLC we strive to maintain a transparent and flexible relationship with our users and customers. If at any point after signing up for our mailing list, you would like to be removed, this may be done by following the links and directions listed in each email sent. After doing so, we will delete all personal data that we have saved to contact you. Similarly, if at some point after contacting us through the embedded contact form on our website, you would like to have us delete the information you have inputted, you may request this by contacting us through that same embedded form.






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