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We specialize in creating and managing result-driven digital presences, backed by quanitifiable value.

Branding, web development, social media mangement, and more. We give you everything you need to transform your business into a digital empire.

Our Story.

Hey, I'm Tom, the CEO and founder of Anchor Point Collective. My career has been anything but average, but it certainly has been varied. I started as a corporate designer before becoming a freelancer and digital nomad, traveling the globe while working as a designer, developer, copywriter, and basically whatever else my clients needed me to be. I then converted that knowledge into a Creator Director position at small tech startup wherein I lead the inception of over 18 brands while soliving impossible problems with a shoe-string budget. Now, my agency and I are doing what we love: building robust result-driven brands fueled by undying passion. Schedule a call with me today and learn what we can do for your business.

What we do.


Make a strong and memorable first imression with an unparalleled brand story. We'll set you up with a logo, branding guidelines, and a narrative to embed your image in customers' heads long after they leave your site.

Web Design

A strong website is the foundation of your digital presence. We leverage top-tier design talent to provide you with a $1,000,000 aesthetic, while leveraging Google and AWS to ensure continued top-tier performance.


Search-engine optimization is like a fishing net... build it well and you'll have passive leads streaming in for years to come. Build it with holes... and you'll be investing in a whole lot of nothing. Let us build you a net that catches the big fish you need.

Social Media Growth

Any kid can manage a social media account... but it takes time-tested strategy and execution to grow it into a sustainable lead machine. We'll get you hundreds of new industry-specific followers per month for unlimited (and free) advertising.

Content Creation

Copy is king. This sentiment is as true today as it was 60 years ago. Content that engages and provides value ot only build trust and autority in your space, but it also leads to social sharing and thus exponential eyeballs on your brand.

Lead Engines

One of our proprietary differentiators here at Anchor Point Collective. We've found that including interactive tooling on client websites (quizes, calculators, games, etc.) leads to organic lead generation, and ultimately, more sales.

Why us?


We structure every strategy around helping your business achieve goals and realizing a disirable ROI.

One-Stop Shop

We offer everything you need to make even a $100 company look like a $100,000,000 digital empire.

You Come First

Client satisfaction and customer service are the sails that keep us moving forward. You call, we answer.

Tom graduated from SCAD (interpret - creative) and has traveled/lived all over the world while working freelance IT. Because of this, he has an entrepreneurial perspective in both, his marketing approach, and with helping businesses crawl, walk, run with a campaign & budget. Tom has/is helping me with two businesses and I am happy to recommend him to anyone seeking to maximize their digital marketing efforts (Web site design, email campaigns, social media, geo fence marketing to name a few) while containing their a budget. I am in the insurance space ( not very sexy) but we have come up with some exciting material.
Andy Gastley
Owner - A.G. Roth Insurance

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